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Welcome to In Their Shoes Dachau Memorial Tours and City Tours.

We are a small tour company specializing in educational tours of the Dachau Memorial and the city of Munich priding ourselves on providing a personable experience during your visit to Munich. Since 2009 James and his small team of expert, experienced, and authorised guides have been educating visitors not only of the horrors of Dachau and the concentration camp system during Adolph Hitlers Third Reich but also the history of this horrific time in history in general. The Dachau Memorial is one of the most well preserved camps in all of Europe. If you prefer small personable groups then join us on one of our tours and find out why thousands of guests have left satisfied over the years.


As of  June 27th the memorial site will be again open to group tours and subsequently I will be offering tours of the memorial site and Munich City tours. As an extra percaution group sizes for both Dachau and City tours will be limited to 8 guests until March 2021. If you prefer not to be in a tour with other visitors please inform me via email and I will make the tour exclusive at no extra costs. If you have a car and would prefer to meet at the memorial site this is also not an issue. As licenced guides we have priority access and are able to work around eachother to make sure your visit is not only memorable but most importantly safe. Hope to see you soon.


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