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Dachau Tour Information


Our half day tour of the Dachau Memorial begins in Central Munich at 9:30 and privatearrives back around 14:30 so guests can link up to another afternoon city tour or just relax in our beautiful city. Please note that this is a full tour of the Dachau Memorial, we like an early start to enable our guests to make the most of their time in Munich.



Our 5 hour tour including transport to and from Dachau Concentration Camp will cover all areas accessible to the public and the following.

  • Rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party throughout the 1920s up to his appointment as Chancellor in 1933
  • Burning of the Reichstag and the formation of concentration camps
  • The roll Dachau played as model for other camps
  • 3 major phases of the camp system
  • SS training facility
  • Jourhaus (main gate house) with the infamous slogan ARBEIT MACHT FREI
  • Liberation of the camp and the aftermath
  • What happened at Dachau between 1945 and the unveiling of the Documentation center in 1965
  • An in depth look at the concentration camp system, Ghettos and Extermination camps
  • Registration of prisoners and their various categories
  • Kristallnacht – 1938 pogrom against the Jews and the first major influx of Jewish prisoners at Dachau     
  • Methods of torture and punishments
  • Bathhouse
  • International memorial and sculpture
  • Medical experiments on prisoners
  • A short color film of Dachau
  • The bunker – prison within the camp
  • Georg Elser – the would be assassin who almost killed Hitler and his fate
  • Daily lives of the prisoners and the barracks
  • Religious memorials
  • Perimeter fence
  • Gas Chamber and Crematorium



Children 12 years and under are free of charge.

*Price includes public transport costs
* Students must present valid student ID


Price includes 19% VAT.


TOUR TIME: 9:30 arriving back at Munich Central Station between 14:00 and 14:30

The Dachau Memorial sightseeing tour meets inside Munich Central Station (hauptbahnhof) on second floor (mezzanine level) at Coffee Fellows next to Burger King 9:30. Please note that there is a Burger King outside the central station, we do no meet there we meet next to the Burger King inside. Please don't be late as we have a specific train to catch and cannot wait for late arrivals.

Look for our guide. Reservations are not necessary just show up out our meeting point.


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