Third Reich Tour 

For those of you who would like to learn more about Hitlers rise to power in Munich and the period from 1918 to the liberation of Europe from in 1945 why not join us on a private walking tour after your Dachau Tour. The Third Reich In Munich tour will begin at 15:30 and will be approximately 3-4 hours. This tour is perfect for those that prefer a very personable tour and not be part of a large tour group.  On this tour we will also take a stroll through the English Garden to see Munich`s famous river surfers and stop at a very famous/infamous beer hall off the beaten path should you be interested.

Munich was the birthplace of the Nazi Party and throughout the Third Reich became known as the “Haupstadt der Bewegung” the Capital of the movement.

This tour will take you back to where it all started when an unknown Corporal from Austria, Adolph Hitler attended a small political meeting taking place in a beer hall downtown Munich in September 1919. From there we will guide you through the chaos and turmoil of 1920s and the rise of the NAZI party. The period of what became known as Hitlers Third Reich and the eventual downfall of the NAZI party and the liberation of Europe in May 1945.

On this tour you will learn about and visit the following sights.

  • Hitler’s early days in Austria as a failed artist and he’s arrival in Munich 1913
  • The collapse of the German and Bavarian Monarchies and the formation of the Weimar Republic and the Free State of Bavaria.
  • The founding of the NAZI Party in 1920 in the Hofbraühaus
  • Hitler’s failed beer hall putsch at the Odeons Platz
  • The newly renovated memorial to the victims of National Socialism
  • Former Wittelsbach Palace and the Gestapo Head Office
  • Königs Platz and Führerbau. Former Nazi district parade grounds and Hitlers Munich office.
  • Georg Elser Platz. The Munich assassin that almost killed Hitler and almost got away.
  • Universität White Rose Memorial. The tragic but inspiring story of the White Rose student resistance group in Munich.
  • Haus Der Kunst. One of the few examples left of Nazi Grandiose NeoClassical Architecture.

As an addition to this tour we can make a stop in a very famous beer salon and a stroll through the English Gardens and check out Munichs famous river surfers to lighten the mood.


  • Please note this is a private tour via email reservation only. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The tour is available every day except Wednesdays.
  • Our private 3rdreich tour will begin at 3:30 and finish between 18:30-19:00. A Later start time is possible should you be interested
  • The price will be €145 in total for 1-4 guests. An extra 35€ will be charged for each additional guests should you be a larger group.

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