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james burgess owner of dachau tours and in their shoesThanks for stopping by "In their shoes" - Dachau Memorial Tours. My name is James Burgess, owner and operator of "In their shoes". As a tour guide in Munich with several years experience working for Mike's Bike Tours I have always encouraged tourists to participate in a guided tour of the Dachau Memorial as opposed to self guided tours. My goal is to educate guests in this dark era in history, at the same time, be able to enlighten people about the tragedies which occurred at Dachau Concentration Camp during Hitler's and the Nazi stronghold over Germany and much of Europe.

I assure you, that if you come on a tour with "In their shoes" you will have an experience you will not soon forget while I explain the history of Dachau Concentration Camp from the perspective of the victims as well as giving you a full historical recollection of why, when, where and how the concentration camps were used to persecute countless victims. 



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